As a local company, we understand the importance of building a relationship with our clients. Customer service is a high priority and we believe that we offer just the right mix of services to keep our customers coming back.

Some of our major services are highlighted below but we have so many that we couldn’t list them all. Contact us if you have a custom request and we are more than happy to help you out!


This is one of our most popular options for promotional apparel and gear! Embroidery is a simple and polished way to advertise your company on garments like polo shirts and hoodies. Looking for something a little more versatile? Try embroidery on a duffel bag or on head gear like baseball caps and toques for those cold Canadian winters.


Silkscreening is one of the most cost effective ways to print images on apparel. It works great for small custom orders such as bachelorette t-shirts or large scale fundraising events. Vector images are required when prepping images for silkscreening. A common question asked is why can’t images be provided in a .jpeg or .png format. The answer to that is that an image in .jpeg or .png doesn’t offer the separation required to print the image. Vectorizing the image breaks down the image into basic shapes such as lines and curves and allows the image to be resized to fit the required print area. When the image is not vectorized, this results in a decrease in quality and crispness when the image is scaled up or down.


Dye sublimation is one of the newest printing techniques that we have embraced. This technique is most commonly used for team uniforms such as hockey and soccer jerseys. For best results, dye sublimation is performed on 100% polyester garments as the dye particles bond best with polyester fabric. Having custom, one of a kind jerseys will definitely boost your team morale and help you stand out from the crowd!


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